Centered and Open

20140622-210024-75624958.jpgI’ve been making my way (albeit slowly) through The Artist’s Way, and it is such an incredible experience. It’s helped me become so much more in touch with myself and my instincts and energy, and certainly my creativity – highly, highly recommended to anyone even remotely interested!

One of the tasks this week was to create a mantra, write it using some sort of art product, and post it where you’ll see it every day. “Centered and open” is a mantra that I’ve had in my head for the past few months because those somewhat diametrically opposed forces are both ones that I’ve found I need to concentrate on to find balance. And often before leaving my apartment I will set an intention as to which force to focus on for that day – which needs more, given my headspace and whatever situation I’m walking into.

Anyway, word art – not typically my thing! But I wanted to represent the words in a way that also conveyed their meaning. So, yeah, the word “centered” centers around itself (or really it centers around the ampersand) and then from that center grows the word “open”. I decided to put it on my mirror which I definitely see every day, and you can also get a glimpse of the back of the paper, which I like because the front, the red, is intense and serious, like this setting of intention, but from that comes a light-hearted and easy way of moving through the world, like the flowers!



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