Birthday Cards for Mom

20140316-154251.jpgFor my mom’s birthday this year, I decided to make her a set of note cards. I knew she liked cherry blossoms, and I found this gorgeous handmade paper that was full of them! I used two different colors of paper, originally thinking I would use them both on one card, but it turned out they looked better by themselves – less crowded. And I decided to use two colors of cards, just for variety and because I thought they looked beautiful together as a set.

20140316-155026.jpgI also used some of the paper to decorate the envelopes, because I’ve had note cards before that have that detail, and I think it really adds.

20140316-154700.jpgThe cards got more ridiculous as I went. First I was just letting the flowers leak onto the back

20140316-154750.jpg and then I started letting them leak into the inside as well

20140316-154850.jpg She liked them, so that’s good!!


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