The High Priestess

20140824-152107-55267315.jpgMy friend Bethany Jones is an amazing tarot reader – there have been a few crucial points during my time knowing her when her readings have helped me find clarity and peace – whether you believe that tarot is clairvoyant or just that it helps you look at whatever your situation from a new perspective.

Bethany has recently started a tarot business, Tarot by B, and I wanted to make her something to commemorate. Her favorite card is The High Priestess – partially because it has her initials, but also because it’s about intuition, which is at the heart of her life and her practice.

In making this card, I wanted to capture the abundance and splendor that I think exists in everyone’s center, and also because the High Priestess herself seems so royal and in a lush jungle of sorts, so I used a lot of gold, along with bright blue and red and sparkles. I put a muted flowered black frame around it to symbolize the outside, with intuition being a sort of treasure trove within or bright, warm respite from the dark.


The Triptych


Two things:
1) There’s that phenomenon whereby as soon as you learn a word you start hearing it everywhere. Well, the same day that I learned what a triptych was during my visit to the Cloisters, where there are many, I was asked to make a triptych of girls with guns
2) My friend was totally right about that whole appealing to the male demographic thing






My brother probably asked me for a portrait of his dog, Artemis, like a year ago, or even longer, and I just got it to him last week. It was an interesting project because dogs don’t wear clothes or have hair (or really they don’t have skin), and typically that’s what I use to differentiate between colors. So for this I did blackish for black, whitish for white, and then purple for highlights? (it made sense in my head)


Friends in Blue


This piece was modeled after a photo taken on the day that two best friends met for the first time. One of the friends asked me to make this piece as a birthday present for the other in commemoration of that day and the lovely friendship that has grown from it.


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